• Great tips for Facebook marketing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Christine,

    When it comes to Facebook Marketing, I love it! It is amazing what one can do when marketing properly on this platform. I like to use both free and paid advertising.

    With the free version on my page, I post several kinds of things a day with a CTA. They can be related to just about anything that is coherent with my business such as a question “How many of you guys love to blog?” Things like that. It gets people going.

    Then, about every ten to fifteen days, I give a CTA to press the app on the sidebar which is my product. Following these principles people get the know/like/trust factor and will get more clicks and even optins.

    I like the paid version also. I get so excited to narrow down my search to a specific target audience.


  • I still don’t really understand why so many people plug away with Facebook…. unless you can create something on Facebook like Gavin Mountford or Lesly Federici have created then i don’t really see it as being as valuable as everyone says it is… but that’s just my opinion. People are clearly making money on Facebook and harnessing the platform so it has its merits.
    regards Dexter

  • Great info here Christine. I have really not entered the world of Facebook ads or even a fan page… seems to me that the advice is sort of split on a fan page’s worthiness. I really learned a lot from your overview. Thanks!

  • Thank you for the Facebook marketing tips, Christine. I’m sure we still have a future there, even though Facebook keeps changing.

  • Hi Christine,

    thank you for these tips on Facebook marketing. I do use FB to market but also find twitter and google+ effective as well. When I have important facebook posts I always boost my post so it gets more visibility. I find if I do not, my posts do not get seen as much.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Facebook is certainly an interesting venue. I still find it to have much value but to get the desired result takes time and effort such as is the case with any type of quality advertising.

  • Hi Christine,

    Facebook can definitely have marketing leverage however you do need to have a strategy in place. Especially if ads are being placed. They seem to work effectively however if you don’t have a strategy than the marketing efforts will be useless.

    Thanks for sharing,

  • Hi Christine,

    Great information. I am on Facebook but still learning a lot about it and the best way to engage with people who are also on Facebook. As mentioned above, I also think Google+ and Twitter are exceptional ways of engaging with new people.

  • Hey Christine,

    Excellent marketing tips. I wanna add one more thing nowadays facebook ads also help your content to get more viral and interact people about your stuff.
    Giving away stuffs also the best strategy to attract more people towards your business.


  • Hi Christine,

    Facebook Marketing both free and paid advertising are really helpful. Facebook Marketing requires strategy like fan page, conducting survey and other.

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